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will be using your company’s 10-K that you have used throughout the semester. 3.Review the FASB Codification website for recent ASUs that were issued in the past few years and the proposed ASUs that are currently pending. 4.For your company:a.Analyze your company’s financial statements from their 10-K.b.Based on the industry and business determine the two most significantFASB ASUs that were recently issued (or are pending) for the company.c.For each ASU chosen, discuss :i.why it is so significant for your company, ii.what change they will have/had to make,iii.the type of financial impact it will have/had on the company,iv.why you believe the FASB implemented/will implement this new rulev.discuss if you believe the reader of the financial statements for the company will benefit from this ASU disclosure 5.There is no length requirement for your responses, however, you should writeyour responses in the following format for your company:a.Discuss the company you chose and an overview of their business.b.Write a detailed analysis of the company’s balance sheet, income statement, comprehensive income and cash flow statement. Make sureto address the larger accounts on each statement, accrual accounting, matching, management estimates, and your opinion on the general direction of the company based off of the company’s 10-K. c.Disclose the ASU you picked, including the number and name of the ASU and a summary (IN YOUR OWN WORDS) of what the ASU states.d.Answer the discussion points above in Item 4ce.Repeat b and c with the second ASU that you chose. 6.Your responses should be written in a business professional manner and double spaced. 7.The FASB Codification site is: login info is Username: AAA51141Password: KY2Gc5j
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