ACCA5029_LON Network Programmability

Demonstrate a robust understanding of the key principles of network programmability tools and languages to solve specific problems.TASK DESCRIPTIONNHS trust of UK has decided to build a Data Centre in London to keep the updated information of COVID 19 patients. NHS wants to centralise IT operation and equipment at London to keep and manage the ICT infrastructure for sensitive Covid 19 medical records of UK. The data centre may have over hundreds of servers with different applications. Recently you have been appointed as a consultant of Network programming and automation for this data centre project. Because of growing popularity of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to manage data centres through network programming and automation, management team NHS Covid 19 data centre project has asked you to prepare a research report about analysis and evaluation of Infrastructure as Code (IaC). Your research should mainly focus on but not limited to IaC architecture, application, methods, tools, techniques, and Relationship to DevOps.


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