a positive impact

Must be APA format, plagiarism free, avoid using contractions, and incorporate the christian view. 

The final paper is a change recommendation for the organization with which you

currently are employed. Choose an issue in the organization for which you can make

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a positive impact.  The paper is due Saturday (Day 7) of Week 8. It will be evaluated

using the Weekly Writing Assignments and Final Paper rubric (Appendix A).   Use

the text reading “Managing Organization Change and Innovation” as the general

guideline for preparing your analysis and approach.  Your paper should include

recommendations for improvement and suggestions for implementation of the


Guidelines for organization:

Prepare the final paper using the following guidelines:

10 –15 pages (including the title page and reference page), typed, double-spaced,

Times New Roman font, using APA standard.

The title page should include the title of the paper, your name, course name and

course number, and date of submission

The body of the paper should include the following:

Introduction of the issue and its history

Diagnosis of the problem

Discussion of appropriate methods for change

Impediments and limiting conditions

Evaluation of change

Proposed outcome and benefit of the change

Role of management in effecting the change

Brief summary of the biblical implications

The reference page should include a minimum of 10 references, including the

text, The Holy Bible, books and articles from academic sources (Net Library), and

other periodicals.

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