6-1 Discussion: Consumer Culture

Initial Post: Choose a specific example of corporate identity. Explain how that identity is conveyed visually through design style. Include an image to support your explanation. Embed the image directly into your post and cite the source. (Provide a link to the website where you found the image.)

Response Posts: In your responses to at least two peers, discuss the relationship between marketing and consumer culture, using the example of corporate identity your classmate chose. (For example, how has that company’s marketing [or the product being marketed/advertised] influenced consumer culture, or vice versa?)

Reply to peers after answering the initial post.

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Peer 1
I have chosen Tesla as a company who’s corporate identity is conveyed visually through their design style. From industrial design in their cars, to their logo, to their branding scheme, Tesla does an excellent job of promoting the identity of sleek, futuristic, and all while being luxurious and simple. The logo of just the “T” is unique yet you can easily identify it as the Tesla “T” and it is again sleek and futuristic in design elements. Another example of their identity being visually conveyed throughout the brand is their website. The website is simple to navigate and it incorporates their written out “Tesla” logo as a small signature in the top left of the page so it is always in sight but not invasive, which is a reflection of their cars, being that they are always seen but not so flashy and bold that they are “too much”.

Peer 2
For this weeks’ discussion I have chosen to discuss the corporate identity of Apple. Their logo expresses their identity as a company by using symbolism. The symbol of the apple is knowledge, which represents the purpose of Apples products. This simple, yet meaningful design can be recognized worldwide. Apple’s technology has made such an impression that most people would be able to recognize this logo and know what kind of products they produce. The bite taken of the side can be taken as a pun to the word byte – the unit of digital data. Another meaning behind the bite into the apple can be a reference towards Adam and Eve taken a bite of the forbidden fruit. In this case it can be seen as taking a bite out of the fruit of knowledge.

This logo is clean and easy to recognize. This logo has no text related to it, but because it represents an iconic company, there is no need for text to be included, especially when the name of the company is the symbol being used.


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